About Us

ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and is committed to defeat poverty and injustice for all.

ActionAid Association/India (AAI) is a national organization and an affiliate of ActionAid International federation. Working in India since 1972, AAI currently operates out of 12 Regional Offices and 2 field offices, spread across 25 States and one Union Territory. A non-profit, AAI has been working with people, by building their agencies and solidarities at local, national and international levels.

In achieving the overall goal, we focus our efforts on six strategic areas of significant importance

  • Peoples’ control over resources like land, water, forest, minerals, commons and livelihoods
  • Radical democratisation of the society, economy and polity at all levels
  • Assertion of women and girls’ rights as human rights
  • Children are recognised as political and equal citizens
  • A just, secular, violence free and peaceful society and state
  • Solidarity with struggles and progressive actions beyond local and national boundaries

ActionAid is an equal opportunity and diversity sensitive employer and women, persons with disability, SC/ST/ OBC/Muslim candidates are especially encouraged to apply.

Our People